Community and Indigenous Peoples’ Workshops, Forums and Trainings

Host a 1 or 2-day workshop, conversation, or training in your community with our powerful team of organizers. Led by your group and Movement Rights co-founders and Indigenous leaders, we offer the following sessions. To find out more about costs, logistics and how a workshop might be tailored for your needs, contact Shannon Biggs.

Intertribal Rights of Nature (IRON) Forums

These gatherings provide an opportunity to critically discuss the legal and organizing framework of Rights of Nature from a tribal perspective, the relationship between rights and responsibilities, and to discuss strategic opportunities for protecting tribal lands. Led by Movement Rights’ Indigenous Program Director, Pennie Opal Plant, Shannon Biggs and Ponca elder Casey Camp Horinek. For more information on how to bring this to your community or tribe contact Shannon Biggs

Corporate Power, Climate Justice & Moving Forward Workshops

From local, state, national and international campaigns, where can you have the most impact? This training focuses on the evolution of corporate dominance in the United States which has led to climate disruption. This training is focused on providing a structural analysis around climate change, and inspiring attendees to take action using a justice lens. The trainings will explore:

  • Indigenous leadership and traditional ecological knowledge; 
  • Justice: why and how Indigenous and communities of color are leading the climate justice movement and how that impacts organizing; 
  • Beyond personal change—why we must understand and confront the role of corporations in creating and sustaining climate change and how to bring a justice lens to any campaign.
  • The Rights of Nature movement is changing the culture around the world toward an understanding that the violations of natural laws are what have caused all of the environmental problems; and how recognizing the Rights of Nature is one of many powerful tools in moving toward a safe, sustainable world; 
  • The role of mainstream media in dumbing down climate action—how to change the narrative for effective climate action;
  • How to make your voice heard for climate justice.

Rights of Nature: Community in Action Workshops

Rights-based organizing is a powerful tool for Local Power. You can bring us to your community for a powerful workshop on re-framing exhausting (and often discouraging) single-issue activism on a powerful single front: people’s constitutional rights! The Community Rights in Action workshop is interactive and participatory. A day-long training covers:

  • Rights: what are they and where do they come from? How do we exercise them in our community?
  • Our work in the regulatory system – who is truly being regulated, and can we do more? Explore how conventional regulatory structure of law limits our ability to make meaningful change.
  • Rights of Nature: Indigenous cosmology and western law
  • The origin of corporate “rights” and why laws seem to protect corporations not people and the planet. Understand how excess corporate power in our legal and political system DENIES our rights.
  • Rights of nature as local, national, and international movement.
  • What communities are doing differently – how rights-based organizing works.