Na’ah Illahee Fund’s 2022 Intertribal Rights of Nature Cohort series

Movement Rights is excited to partner with these tribal community projects to further support their rights of nature work. 


Movement Rights is honored to support these Pacific Northwest tribal communities protect the sacred, strengthen sovereignty and uphold the inherent Rights of Nature.

Grant Recipients: 

Tlinget, Athabascan (AK)

Portland Urban Natives (OR)

Confederated Tribes of Colville (WA)

Lummi Nation (WA)

Nez Perce (ID)

Reconnection to Marine Mammal Hunting

Tlinget, Athabascan

Southcentral Region Alaska


“The Goal is to reconnect Indigenous people of Alaska to the marine mammals they respect, honor and actively preserve. Educate the Alaska native population on marine mammal hunting rights, traditions, regulations (state and federal). 

Actively teach stewardship of resources.”

Building Kinship: Indigenous Climate Justice Project

Portland, Oregon

Portland Urban Natives


“We seek to embed Indigenous values, knowledge and methodologies into how people (communities, agencies, businesses) interact with the land, water and beings in our urban communities to build a system of care that includes our ecosystem. We hope for implementation of these values into policies and implementation plans for land stewardship.”

With one heart, 

we swim together

Washington State

L.I.G.H.T. Foundation serving

Confederated Tribes of Colville


“We are inspired to do this work as it is our duty and responsibility to practice our traditional teachings (tamanwit and captikwl). In order to do this we need to build allies/coalitions to codify these Traditional Teachinas into existing regulatory processes (water use, land use, zoning, forest practices, shoreline management, etc.). In addition working to educate land managers and academic institutions that Indigenous people’s native plants need culturally appropriate research support to identify climate vulnerability.”

Nimiipuu & Rights of Nature


Nimiipuu Protecting 

the Environment


“Working to protect the lands, water, forests primarily within our Treaty of 1855 area and Usual and Accustomed Places for the next generation. We want to protect the Earth and all species (animal and flora that live) and learn better methods to coexist as our role is part of nature rather than the domineering force.”

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