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Shifting culture and law to truly protect people is the civil rights struggle of our time and its already happening in communities across the nation. Changing the rules will require more than tinkering at the margins of the current legal, political and corporate-led economic system; it will require a system change from the grassroots. It all begins with neighbors coming together to change their community. Movement Rights provides organizing and legal support for communities to assert their right to local self governance with our partners; leadership and international movement building for the rights of nature; and connects Indigenous leadership, wisdom and analysis toward living in balance with natural systems.   Are you ready to join us?

One way to Bring Standing Rock Home

“It’s Time to Bring Standing Rock Home,” Movement Rights Board Member, and Ponca Elder, Casey Camp Horinek told a Summit of women in Kauai in early December 2016. “For too long it has been black and brown bodies always first to put their bodies on the line to protect rights. It’s time for everyone to come together to rise for the protection of local water, local air, soil and life. We are all Standing Rock. We must bring the essence of Standing Rock home wherever we live.” And we can win.

In the wake of the election, Movement Rights’ phone has not stopped ringing. Our email box is full. And the message is clear: people are ready to take a stand for rights and justice in the places where they live and to take local responsibility for the care of the Earth.

We have accomplished a lot in the two years since Movement Rights was founded and we’re proud to be on the cutting edge of a growing movement to advance the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, Communities and Ecosystems. Our goals in 2016 were to recognize the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and Mother Earth locally and globally; to work with communities who are ready to write their own rules for Main Street; and to highlight paths forward in creating a vibrantly healthy future with clean air, water and soil for generations to come. We are excited to share with you what we have accomplished this year and our plans for 2017. It’s how we offer a way for communities to bring Standing Rock home.


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