September 7-8, 2024
Okemah, OK

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About the Gathering

Sponsored by Movement Rights, in the Four Directional quadrants of Oklahoma, The Convening of the Four Winds goal is to establish Indigenous led grassroots representation in  fossil fuel ravaged “ Indian Country”.  Oklahoma is now  home to 39 Tribal nations, each with unique experiences and outlooks regarding fossil fuel extraction, sovereignty, environmental justice, and what the effects of climate chaos means in their respective  communities. The Convening of the Four Winds provides a platform for Indigenous wisdom keepers, enthusiastic young activists, concerned community members, and  Indigenous allies, to share Rights of Nature based solutions to the climate crisis. 

Grounded in Ceremony, the first Convening of the Four Winds was held in Ponca Nation Terriotory in Northern Oklahoma. Co-hosted by the Ponca PaThaTa, Women’s Scalp Dance Society, and Drumkeeper and Movement Rights Board Chair Casey Camp-Horinek, this first Convening took a deep dive into water protection, fossil fuel extraction, and the Rights of Rivers. 

The Second Convening was held in the heart of Cherokee Country, in Eastern Oklahoma, and was co-hosted by the Eagle and Condor  Indigenous Peoples Alliance, and it’s founder Jokay Dowell. A continuation of the powerful work of the first Convening,  the second Convening strengthened alliance building, water protection solutions, Rights of Nature and Rights of Rivers work, and  added an inspirational Youth element.  

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To be held at the historic Phillip Deere Round House, located in the territory of the Mvskoke Nation, and co-hosted by longtime Chata Activist  and elder Jimbo Simmons and his wife Nancy, this 3rd Convening of the Four Winds promises to bring together a dynamic group of Rights of Nature, Sovereignty, Treaty Rights, and Environmental Justice Movement Leaders to present, train, provide guidance and support to attendees that will become  a powerful  force  of grassroots allies of Mother Earth. 

Join Movement Rights as we strive to shift the western colonial thought processes around ownership “land” and “resources”  towards the inherent knowledges of Indigenous peoples and the cosmology that will heal the waters, lands and inhabitants of our one Mother, the Earth.

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