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Update on Bolivia: The world is watching

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After two months of raging fires in Bolivia, the rains came to the rescue of the forests, displaced animals and Indigenous tribes. Indigenous peoples have blood marches throughout the country to protest the slow response of the national government. Like Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil,  Bolivian President Evo Morales has been accused of defending the flames of these devastating fires in order to promote Big Agriculture takeovers of forests.
Once an International champion of the rights of nature and indigenous rights, Evo Morales has violated Bolivian laws for rights in Amazonia in order to advance the agenda of drug traffickers, the fossil fuel industry, and Big Ag. Last year Movement Rights was part of a critical fact-finding delegation to the Bolivian Amazon. We were invited by indigenous tribes whose land and livelihood has been put at risk due to the Bolivian government’s plan to build a road through one of the most biodiverse regions on Earth. The international pressure from our Commission’s visit has to date, helped ensure the road remains stalled. The road would bring drug trafficking, deforestation, oil development, and the displacement of thousands of indigenous peoples from the Bolivian Amazon, at a time when so many of Bolivia’s forests have been burned to the ground.
Please help us maintain the pressure on Bolivia’s government.  Let them know the world is watching, by viewing this is important short video, and sharing widely the simple act can help. The video is in Spanish and English.
We must stand together. We must stand for the forests, and for the indigenous protectors, who are our first line of defense climate sanity, and a way of life that is in balance with our Mother the earth.
Movement Rights needs your help to continue are critical work supporting indigenous peoples and the rights of nature. Please make a gift today.