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Why We are Made for These Times

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Dear Relatives,

We live in a time like no other.  A climate clock is ticking as politicians sow division. 

Yet we are not here by accident—we were made for these times. We are resilient.  We are needed.  And we are fearlessly armed with love. 

In 2018 Movement Rights had a year of victories, hope and action. We were inspired by the depth and bravery of our movements, the leadership of Indigenous peoples and grassroots communities, and the wins for the rights of nature.

We were honored to be part of great work happening at home, and around the world.  Please watch and share our 1-minute video of Movement Rights in 2018. 

If you are inspired by what is possible by two women standing with our relatives for the rights of communities, indigenous people and Mother Earth please join us to celebrate our victories in 2018 and build on them in the New Year.  Donate to Movement Rights today:

 With your support and partnership in 2018 we:

Thank you for standing with Movement Rights! We were made for these times, and we have much work to do 2019, but we can’t do it without you.  Please share our video, ask your friends to join our mailing list and donate to our work for the New Year.

With gratitude and optimism, we stand with you.

Pennie Opal Plant and Shannon Biggs
Co-founders, Movement Rights

P.S. Donate $50 to receive a tote bag, and $100 to receive a tote bag and artwork by Michael Horse suitable for framing.