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Will you be Standing for Rights in 2019?

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Dear Relatives,

With your support 2018 was a year full of victories and action for Movement Rights. Our plans for 2019 are even more ambitious, there isn’t a moment to lose to take action for the Earth.

In California

  • We are working with migrant farm workers, small farmers, tribes and community members in Sonoma County, California to recognize the rights of nature and communities to be free from toxic pesticide use from Industrial Agribusiness;
  • We are excited by our coalition victory that delayed fast-track approval of California’s carbon trading scheme, Tropical Forests Standard (TFS) until April 2019.  But there is more work to do to ensure California and our incoming Governor does not allow corporations to pollute at home while colonizing forests protected by forest-dwelling indigenous communities.


  • Following up from our historic campaign with the Ponca Nation of Oklahoma, we will be co-hosting an Indigenous-led Frontline Oil & Gas Summit in Oklahoma specifically focused on rights-based organizing, allyship and non-violent direct action training in the heart of industry territory, Oklahoma. (May 16-19, 2019)
  • We will be hosting Indigenous Rights of Nature (IRON) trainings nationally and Community Rights in Action (CRIA) trainings across California.  Contact us to learn how to bring these to your community.


  • At the invitation of indigenous leaders in the Bolivian Amazon region of TIPNIS, in 2018 we led a highly publicized 4-person international commission to investigate government crimes against the rights of nature in their territory. In early 2019 we will release a report of findings from the commission and launch a campaign to support the rights of nature in TIPNIS and ensure indigenous rights are upheld.
  • Following our 2018 fact-finding delegation to New Zealand to learn from the Maori historic law recognizing legal personhood of river and mountain systems, we will be issuing a report and videos with insights from our delegates.

AND WE’RE JUST GETTING STARTED…Can you help us stand for rights today?

With your tax-deductible donation you will receive a grocery-size tote bag for your gift of $50, and a tote bag and print by Michael Horse suitable for framing for your gift of $100 or more


We stand in a unique time in history, but we are meant for these times. Together we are resilient.  We are needed.  And we are fearlessly armed with love.

May the New Year bring us together in solidarity for Peace and Justice.

By Shannon Biggs & Pennie Opal Plant
Co-founders, Movement Rights